Caught a crab

Yesterday I started a necessary task which I completed the first stage of this morning. S decided that we could do with another bookshelf in the main room. The one next to my desk in the downstairs storeroom/study was perfect, being the same structure as those already there, only twice as high, which was what she wanted. A wooden bookshelf against the opposite wall downstairs was the repository for stacks of folders and papers, much of which has no useful purpose anymore.

The first thing was to empty the filing cabinet, so I could shift that. Then after emtying the shelves of the wooden bookshelf I was able to put that where the filing cabinet had been (beside the desk), and then transfer books from the aluminium bookshelf. These are books pertaining to philosophy, ethics, psychology/psychiatry and politics. Very reluctant to say they are not needed, although (as a for instance) the small book on Rousseau hasn't been looked at since I did a paper in political philosophy in the 60s.

Then the glass shelves were carried upstairs (heavy) followed by the shelving (light); dusted; reassembled; some books transferred from an inconvenient place. Removed a makeshiftTable and replaced it with a real table and transferred the wooden Buddha onto it. Looks better, and is more functional.

All that took very little time. Going through the piles of papers has taken most of the rest of the day. I did turf out some but the next phase will require, and get, more ruthlessness. Do I really need the folders of correspondence with like minded track and field nuts from my youth when I was an amateur statistician, the official NZ statistician having got offside with the international association for some long forgotten reason?

Eventually I realised that it was time for a jog, and on the Southend mudflats I saw a pair of Tuturiwhatu the tide was going out. My blip shows one of them with the crab it caught. Then I ran (mostly) around to Algies Bay where a young woman encouragingly called friends to join her is a swim. They didn't believe her true statement that the water was warm.

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