By amandoAlentejo

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to each one of you who looks at this! All week is Easter according to the Padre.

Beautiful, misty morning. Blossom bursting out on the old pear tree that I pruned heavily, and has only ever given us a single, tasteless pear, year after year... looking hopeful, now, for something better... (Here I am, getting the photo.)

May there be new life, new hope, new beauty in your life, beginning today.

- a superb Easter lunch at Cecílio and Ermelinda's, with E's parents, first time we've seen them in way over a year (see extra)
- seeing Deb on Livestream, and the other two on FaceTime
- walking twice past the dog that bit me, and it not biting me (the owner was holding it)

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