By WharfedaleBex

Revisiting the trolls

Coincidentally, two years ago yesterday, I did this walk with Sarah.  It was substantially warmer but with the same blue skies.  I took Rich to explore as he'd never been this way and was amazed as me pretty much every step of the way.  It has astounding and picturesque variety.  

We were sheltered from the icy wind for much of the way and as we headed back onto the tops, we realised we were surrounded by dark snow clouds.  Incredibly, we walked back to the car in a bowl of blue sky and sunshine.  Dropping down the hillside, we passed a sheep with the cutest newly born lamb, mum was prodding it with her front hoof to encourage it to stand up.  We watched it pushing up onto its back legs, its front legs not yet strong enough, before we headed on our way.

As we started the car, the first flakes of snow began to fall.  Nothing has settled but we had the best of it, for sure.

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