twinned with trumpton


Cramond early; still a bit groggy post migraine, but a glorious day.

Bread from the local Saturday bakery; and then She arrived; SUP was deployed on what was the busiest I've seen Wardie beach since last summer.

More avocado toast; then She beat a retreat home as both of Her kids were heading out ot the Meadows. I chummed Her and then went off to try and find the missing airpods from Thursday night (no joy) but then spent vouchers from the folks on scallops, prawns and key lime pie (no samphire, though)

Before dinner we walked through the Meadows - just to - you know - check it out - a seething shambles of staggering yoof; mostly 3 sheets to the wind. Police were largely powerless / indifferent / overwhelemed. Having had our eyes opened, and once we were safely home, it all kicked off (see local media for video footage of the young 'uns barrering each other sensesless) The lass had already headed off to her friend's garden; the lad had relocated to another quieter part to the Meadows to enjoy the sunshine.

I left as the lad arrived home; bringing his rubbish with him (!) and I dodged the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse for the first mile; people staggering about all over the place, trying to work out how to get home / where the next party was. 

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