By LenBageDigital


It goes against all of my instincts to post this shot as I am drawn, mostly, to things of beauty, natural or man-made. There are so many lovely things in this world, so many great buildings which reflect mans struggle to overcome, celebrate our successes and make life better, so many fantastic views and scenes in nature to soak in and give us peace, just by being there amongst them.

Places like this, in the middle of what is a beautiful and historic ex-fishing village, visited by many who enjoy our coast, are a carbuncle on the rear end of civilised life. Who ever thought that solid floor-to-ceiling sheets of damp, grey concrete could ever look attractive? Which town planner came up with the idea that a damp, dark and cold tunnel would enrich our lives? To add to this blot on the local landscape, they have allowed, maybe even commissioned, graffiti-esque scribble all over the walls which I assume they think will reflect modern society, stop the real rattle-canners doing their worst or maybe give kids 'freedom of expression'.

Whichever it is, I, for one, find it abominable!

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