Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand


The weather seems to be very reluctant to allow spring to fully arrive. There are flowers everywhere but the temperature isn't what I would have hoped it would be by now. It's not really gone into double digits and even though it's been on the clear side today, it's still been slightly overcast (you can see the clouds in today's photo).

I had hoped to sleep in this morning, however, that didn't work. I did fall asleep early but I kept waking up during the night, and then woke up before 7 a.m. I couldn't fall asleep again. So I got up and slowly started getting ready for work. I was on an afternoon shift, started at 2 pm and worked through until 8 pm. One of my colleagues gave me and another of the staff a lift into Redhill so I was able to get an earlier bus home. than I would have if I'd had to walk into Redhill.

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