Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand


I miss the consistency of the Ugandan daylight. The sun would always come up at roughly between 6:30 and 7 o'clock in the morning. The sun would then travel across the skies to meet the opposite horizon roughly twelve hours later. These hours of daylight almost never fluctuated, every day of the year. I guess that's the beauty of those countries that straddle the equator. I miss that. I miss the smell of wet earth after a downpour. One day I'll go back to Uganda. One day I'll take my hubby there to show him the beautiful country I was born in and called home for most of my life. If I'm honest, I'll always call Uganda home... no matter where in the world I end up living in.

I have come to call England home, and have gotten used to the fluctuation of the temperatures and the seasons. It'll never fail to amuse and fascinate me. I took this photo en route to work this morning, the bus pulled over at a bus stop and had to snap a quick photo to share with you.

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