By Happyme


with my favourite cardigan from White Stuff! I've had it less than two years and only worn and washed it a dozen times or so. The seam coming apart is bad enough but the little hole appearing on the other sleeve is a stitch running into a ladder! So I sat in the sun and repaired it which also repaired my mood after finding the holes! All the more galling that I paid full price for it!
That annoyance aside, thank you to everyone who made such thoughtful and lovely comments on my blip yesterday. Angie was indeed the lively lady that you all imagined and will always be that person to me. I can always think of her with a smile; that can't be bad.
I had a lazy day as I had a late morning appointment for my wellness check-in with the nurse at GP surgery. She confirmed that I am indeed well, BP fine, one stone in weight lost, BMI well into the green!! Just keeping my fingers crossed for the all important blood sugar level results which I should have by the end of the week. Having fasted for the appointment I treated myself to a sausage roll from the baker's for the journey home! I was home in time for my WW zoom session which was quite jolly, but I didn't tell them about the sausage roll!!
I pottered a bit in the garden and cleaned down my 'feet up' garden chair so that I could laze in sunshine for the afternoon, and fix my 'cardi.'
Not often that I do so little in a day but today I treated myself.

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