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By inkstainedhand

Public Foot Path

I was on an afternoon shift today. So needed to be at work by 2 pm. As I headed to work, my mind was full of yesterday's news, on the death of His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinborough.

It's still hard to believe that Prince Philip passed away, peacefully, yesterday morning. One of the residents told me about it yesterday, and it took a few moments to sink in. It was something that wasn't expected, even after Prince Philip's month in hospital. Part of me had didn't believe it. Even after reading the news. The newspapers, various TV and radio sources, as well as social media, have been full of information and shock on his passing. Our hearts all go out to the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family on the passing of such an incredibly humble and steadfast man. He was the Queen's rock and was such a solid presence to the country. His gaffes were well known and almost expected. 

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