Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand

Coffee and Sickness

I had to call, sick, first thing this morning. It feels like I've got a cold coming. There's a throbbing pain between my eyes, my nose is partially blocked and the back of my head hearts. If I'm totally honest, I really don't want to pass it on to anyone at work. The normal thing with my body, when I get colds, is that they'll sit in my head for a few days before settling in my chest and leaving me coughing for weeks. So part of me is waiting for the cough to hit my chest.

I stayed in bed all day, only leaving it to get to the kitchen to get food and decaffeinated coffee. My Dolce Gusto machine needs to be descaled, so I'm waiting for a bottle of descaling solution to arrive in the mail (I've ordered it from Amazon). It's gonna be interesting to figure out how to get the descaling going. My other Dolce Gusto machine packed up last year and I decided to get one that I knew would be easier to descale than the old one was. So we wait.

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