Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand

Writing Ink

I've written before using red ink in my journal. I recently had to order some more ink because my stock of extra ink cartridges was running out and I didn't want to have any left before I got more. I've been ordering these Lamy fountain pen cartridges for a while now as its slightly more convenient to order them and wait a day or two than trying to get into Crawley to buy them. They're also slightly cheaper on Amazon than they are if you bought them from WHSmith's (a British stationary and book shop), and I know that WHSmith is cheaper than Paperchase (another stationary shop, and my all time favourite shop).

I've mentioned in a previous entry that I've been writing in my current journal that I'm only using a red fountain pen... in other words, only with red ink in my lamy fountain pen (which happens to be also red). Red is my favourite colour and has been for as long as I can remember. I doubt that it'll ever change. Often when I'm doing abstract painting I'll use a lot of reds, due to my love for it.

Been journaling about work and conversations I've had with various people. I needed the space to write about all that's been happening both at work and away from work. It's really helping me have a clear space and helps me sleep.

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