By Maureen6002


My original post for today was my sparrow in the heather, posted early as we were off to see our son and daughter-in-law for the first time since Christmas and I knew it would be difficult to post later. 

However, the chance sighting of a kestrel on the way seems just too good not to post, so the poor Passer Domesticus is being relegated to the bin. 

I first glimpsed the tell-tale hover over a field, but initially it seemed an angry crow had chased away this beauty. However, the kestrel was resting in a tree, beautifully caught by the late afternoon sun. Fortunately, I had my camera in the car, complete with 600mm lens - though I did forget to adjust the aperture - and as the traffic slowed at roadworks, I just managed to get this shot out of the window. 

Such beautiful birds, until this year I’d never seen one. Now this is my second sighting, I can’t believe my luck. 

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