Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand


Backblip. Daisy by Marc Jacob is one of my favourite perfumes. I first wanted a bottle of this perfume years and years ago but couldn't afford the price tag. I mentioned this to my sister who gifted me this bottle. Since I got a new bottle for my last birthday, I realised that I needed to try to finish this one before I started the new bottle. It means that I'm wearing a lot more perfume than I did before. I'm often wearing this perfume to work because that's the only opportunity I can wear perfume, so that's where I wear it.

The nation is slowly easing out of lockdown and the opportunities to see friends and extended family are still few and far between. We're all hoping that it will continue to ease and that the stats continue to drop. The weather isn't really helping as people have been flocking to the parks to sunbathe.

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