By LauraMuir

Sun therapy

I took this photo in the Arboretum on another lovely sunny morning walk. This weather is great!

I planned another car trip for next week with more of a hill walk to try and get some hill fitness back, and it should be a nice drive up to Ben A’an.

I spent a fair chunk of the afternoon reading in the garden. It was lovely and warm.

Friends of mine are moving house in Delft today and I was fascinated to see (in their photos on Facebook) the removal men use an elevator that carries things up and down externally through the upstairs windows. I wonder why we don’t have that here. It would have been great for my removal, and very exciting to watch.

My homemade red cabbage kimchi is ready. It tastes fine but next time I’ll make it with white cabbage, a bit more chilli and less fish sauce. I’ll have some tonight with fried tofu, pak Choi and rice.

My fitness instructor has given me a sequence of 7 Pilates sessions for core strength. I will start it this evening :-) I’m feeling fitter, and also eating better (apart from the occasional fish finger sandwich) since I retired. I used to get home late from my commute and couldn’t be bothered cooking good food for myself. Now I have the time and I really enjoy it.

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