By dfb24

A Different Viewpoint...

...and thank you Ingeborg for all your great themes and for hosting  Abstract Thursdays. 
I took Tom for his lab work this morning and all looked pretty good except for his white count, which is triple what it should be. I'm sure it's the pill causing this, as the similar one he was on last year at this time did the same thing--they had to put him on a pill to bring it down. I asked the nurse that called with the results to contact Tom's Dr. about the result, and she said she would do that, but we haven't heard from the office yet. We'd just gotten home from the clinic and the Physical Therapist was at the door. Tom was not happy because the therapist really works him, which is what he needs even though he doesn't want to do it. The therapist is just the nicest young man, and he jokes with Tom as he's making him walk and do his leg exercises, so Tom forgets he's having to work. He said Tom's really improved, as his oxygen levels are staying up in a normal range even when he's moving around, which is great! Hopefully in another week or two he'll be able to come off of the oxygen, or just use it when he needs it, instead of all the time.  
Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, this is the bottom of a vase. I laid it on its' side & propped the top of it rather precariously up against the window in the sunporch. The "different viewpoint" was shot through the bottom. Now I'm off for my walk as today we've got sun, 50 degrees, & all the snow is gone--just perfect! (10 C)

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