By carliewired

A Walk in Snow

Drifting, blowing off
the roof tops, a big change from
yesterday's sunshine

~ carliewired

It was -1C at 8 AM while I was enjoying my morning coffee. Snow had started to come down before I was up. Some robins put in an appearance in the backyard. I wondered how they were going to find food today as the snow was covering up the lawn and swirling around the yard. 

I drove the short distance to the Bow Valley Ranche House in the park as I was curious to know what the bronze statues looked like with snow added to them.

The Artisan Gardens beside the Ranche House holds 175 original art pieces arranged in a garden setting. 

"Egg Money", a bronze sculpture by the Studio West Foundry, depicts a pioneer farm wife with her chickens as her personal income. The eggs produced gave her an independent income, so important to women in the day. 

"Children of Yesterday" by Villem Zach, shows a native woman with her two children. This bronze statue was intended to recognize the traditional lands of the Blackfoot and Metis of this area. 

"Walking Buffalo" (1871-1967) and "Chief David Crowchild" (1899-1982) are beautiful portrait sculptures of First Nations leaders. 

I watched some robins hop through the Artisan Gardens. I noted the difference in the Ranche House with snow added. 

The temperature got up to 2 C midday, but now it's going down again. We're in for some "winter" over the next few days. 

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