Some housework this morning, including three loads of washing. Then, after an early lunch, a multi-purpose trip to Berwick. MrM wanted to pick up some strings for his fiddle, and I needed to go to the building society. While we were there we also called in to the wonderful Green Shop for some essentials, bought a couple of pieces of wood from the DIY store, and filled up the van with diesel.

We couldn't resist a walk along the pier in the hope of spotting dolphins. Alas, there were none, but it was good to be beside the sea for a while, and it's an age since we've walked to the lighthouse. Pleasantly warm in Berwick itself but by the sea there was a chill breeze, and we were glad we'd worn warm jumpers!

Before heading for home, we ate fish & chips in the van, with the obligatory gang of gulls outside demanding their share! They didn't get any though!

The extra shows a cat and mouse on high!

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