A sunny day with a chill wind.  When I took Pepper out early evening I was warm enough walking but my face was cold.

Big news of the day is the visit of my HAIRDRESSER!!!!  I have managed my hair reasonably well during lockdown but the past couple of weeks have been a bit of a trial, so I was very pleased to see Becky this morning; she is a fun person as well as a superb 'cutter'  which is really important.

There is an article in the latest edition of Amateur Photographer 'Get the Darkroom Look', all about how to process in photoshop and end up with the effect as if using real film.  I followed the process, which was quite fiddly, using the channel mixer method to convert to b/w and edit little bits separately.  Certainly a very effective end result.  I have done similar type of adjustments on other files but using curves instead of channel mixer. A quick blip needed so I posed a fork in front of a single light and used the lensbaby already on the camera for the blip - Topaz Star burst added for a bit of effect.

Edward called over later and was in a very good mood.  He and John got involved with making something and he ended up staying for a meal - we ordered in a curry.

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