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By HarlingDarling

Low-calorie delight

In fact, NO calories at all, but a bunch of earrings put together in a few sessions, about a dozen of them this afternoon. I think I will try to sell them to raise money for the women's refuge in our town. I have been wondering which charity to donate to, what would be most likely to appeal to people. I think the refuge is the one. This will have to wait till we can actually gather together in a physical space... We did yoga today, a gentle one, and we took a long time over our porridge... Neither of us is as perky as we usually are so it has been another day of taking it easy. Which in my case meant earring-ing, and drawing. I am doing a series of moon drawings and the light side is getting bigger - and therefore the dark side is shrinking and should take less time to do the patterns. It doesn't! I just get more detailed and fiddly... tomorrow's is a really small bit of darkness... and that is number 6 in the series. A full moon would be a bit of a doddle!!

I got out into the very cold, incredibly blustery garden around 4 o'clock and put in 3 hours of raking up leaves and reorganising the big heap of garden debris near to where we park. My idea is to keep it looking fairly neat, but I am alone in this idea. Anyway it's tidier now I have dragged everything under the scrub trees and sort of hidden it under some new stuff (grass & leaves mostly) that is light and dry and looks almost pleasant. I thought what I was rearranging looked like good soil to be honest, it's been lying there for many years, rotting down - but I saw just one worm. I'm assuming that is a less encouraging sign, so perhaps we won't be using it on the garden yet. Well, some of the fallen leaves are raked up now, and the ones that blew away as I worked are at least not in my garden!

I'm a bit fascinated to find myself still feeling a bit weedy 4 days after the jab, but it has to mean that something appropriate is going on in the body, I suppose. I finished David and Goliath this morning, Malcolm Gladwell's book. I have really enjoyed it, and found it quite inspiring to consider how people manage against the odds - and why. One theory that he explores concerns people who have experienced the traumatic loss of a parent when they are young, and how that can make you feel that nothing can ever be as bad again. (if it doesn't squash you completely) This sort of "survival"  can give you a kind of super-power of focus and determination, and a fearlessness - the worst has happened already, and you have survived it, nothing can be worse. I found myself relating to that... He is an entertaining and thorough writer, as journalists often are.

We've just spent some time speaking to Lis, or friend who we should have been going to Canada with, a year ago. I wonder how long it will be before we can meet up again, it seems like a very long time since we saw each other. She says life is a lot calmer now she is fully vaccinated, something to look forward to there! Nine o'clock and I'm feeling like it's time for bed. Good grief! But I'm listening to the signals, and doing as I'm told by my wise body.

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