A Day In The Life

By Irish59


I couldn’t decide so I chose both, especially because they share a nickname • Chippie #1 is the Chipping Sparrow, a bird who summers here in Maine and I saw three of them this morning! It certainly isn’t summer but they’re here, and more than welcome to stick around. After all, Maine’s slogan is “The Way Life Should Be” • Chippie #2 is the Eastern Chipmunk, who is actually a year around resident. We have two in our yard and both can be seen scurrying back and forth from food sources to their burrows, which have multiple entrances and exits • After a bit of sun this morning it’s been mostly overcast and drizzly, with rain arriving later this afternoon. An excellent day for laundry, paperwork and baking! Maybe something with chips, as in chocolate chips, in honor of my chippie friends :) • Happy Sunday to you!

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