The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

First woman to vote in UK, in 1862

As the result of a mistake, Lily Maxwell was allowed to vote in a municipal election in the UK. Her name had been incorrectly spelled on the electoral roll as Lilly, which was then a man's name. As she was the owner of a shop worth more than £10, she was presumed to be a businessman, and enfranchised. She exercised her right to vote, and the candidate she voted for won the election.

This I learned on a Zoom call, the second women's online branch meeting of the WEA. I also had a Zoom class today on literature and film. Add to this five hours of paid work, some catching up on crime dramas and podcasts, and it all adds up to a busy day!

I did, however, manage to spend at least an hour doing my jigsaw (still the Owls in the Wood) in the garden. That's relaxation! I don't know how long it's going to take me to get adjusted to this new, busier pace of life. Please let's not have another lockdown any time, the constant adjustment is too hard to process.

A lovely thing I did today: picked primroses and bluebells in the school grounds, then took a couple of children out to identify and pick a few more.

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