By Charente

Red Robin in full flower.....

I bought this shrub10 years ago when a very dear friend passed on in South Africa,  It was to be a memorial to him as his daughter asked everyone to plant something to remember him by rather than sending flowers,  At the time it was barely a metre high, it is now between 7 and 8 metres high and is in full flower.  I enjoy this shrub so much and it does not matter what time of the year, it is always full of surprises especially when all the leaves are red.   Great memories.   I have a memorial viburnum next to it, planted the year after, a husband and wife (from the same group of friends) all 3 passed on in a short time of each other with cancer.  We all worked at the vet lab in what was then Salisbury, Rhodesia.

I had a lousy night and only went off to sleep eventually at 4am!   I had a hair cut at 2 pm and then I had to chase around our local town to buy four things all from different shops.   Why is it you just cannot shop in one place and get everything!   I was so fed up I bought 2 pain au chocolate for us to have with tea/coffee at 4pm.  Luckily I had planned a very-low-calorie dinner with my recipe for a vegetable frittata/crustless quiche.   

P.S. We had 2 mm of rain this morning not even enough to wet under the trees!! 

Thanks for the visit and hope you all had a great day.  Keep safe everyone.

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