The photo shoot

Today's primary event was the taking of the official school photo for Ottawacker Jr. As there are (a) no photographers operating; (b) no children in schools; (c) no schools at all; and (d) rolling stay-at-home orders from Premier Prick Doug Ford, this year's photo was a little more DIY than usual. What it essentially boiled down to was this: Ottawacker Jr.'s online teacher sent an email asking people to take a photo, which she will then Photoshop into some sort of online class photo.

"Bear in mind," she said, "I have never done this before. In fact, I've never used Photoshop before."

But it is nice of her to give it a go - and it enabled me to get in one of every parent's favourite activities, Early-Morning Child Wrangling.

I took somewhere in the vicinity of 100 pictures to get this. 37 had him pulling a face of some sort; 5 had him doing the "International Sign of the Loser" on his forehead; 9 were with his eyes closed; 2 had him looking like an extra from Freak Show; 17 - yes 17 - were of him sulking because I had told him off for (a) pulling a face or (b) making the "International Sign of the Loser"; 15 were of part of his head only - either a cat had wandered into view or he'd got bored; and 12 were blurred (see previous reasons). The rest were OK. 

In the end, I said "I'm beginning to think you don't want me to take this photo" - and then snapped him... this is the result.

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