Sunshine smiles

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I'm really going to make a point of the sun when it does shine! As it's due not to shine now, it's meant to get colder again & in some parts of the country, snow is forecast! But my dad told me once it snowing in Yorkshire in July! And that was many, many years ago! The weather throughout the ages has always been topsy turvy, it's just us who have defined the seasons...! The daffodils I planted last October are looking incredible, like this one!

And as for Larry....

My little ray of sunshine

Gym in the morning - yeah, no rest for me on the weekends - & then a day of sorting out a few things. I have two orders from my Etsy shop to sort out, so I needed space! My study is no longer a bombshell - which is good!

We were going to go some place nice tomorrow (as it's Mother's Day), but rain is forecast, as I didn't really want to stay in the house... but looks like I just have to. I know my mummy is here, with me, always, but it doesn't make it any easier. xxx

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