By Ridgeback13


Busy morning - up early and packed my case, sorted out the bins (shame I now realise I left a carton of milk in the fridge - that will be ripe when I get home!) and switched off the various background appliances.
Few meetings through the morning - one launching a new centre and thanking the donors - lovely to have seen through this project from first discussions with them to honing the idea, identification of the researchers and development of the plan. Positive from first to last, and something that will make a genuine difference to so many people....such a good feeling.
As soon as that was finished I posted a parcel and started packing the car then set off.
Long slog but arrived at A&N's in good time and was welcomed with bunting :)
We walked to the chippy and got fish suppers for tea which were delicious then N had bought fancy doughnuts for pudding - blimey I was stuffed! So nice to be in company again and looking forward to my break

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