9th Blip “Birdday”

And 9 Barn Swallows to celebrate it! Then I counted the species that I photographed this morning: Purple Heron, Black Kite, Red Kite, Green Sand Piper, Eurasian Coots fighting, Black-winged Stilt, Common Redshank, Common Buzzard plus the Swallows. There were ducks and grebes galore as well. I would never have known that Switzerland was so rich in bird life without the challenge of Blip. Every day is a different challenge and I love this aspect of Blip. 

Of course I am extremely lucky to live where I do with mountains and lakes within easy access. Sometimes there is an early train to catch up the mountain, sometimes a disheveled woman can be found driving round the village, chasing the moon sinking fast, trying to level a tripod. Often it is a day to share with a friend or friends, for a walk or a ski, with the lightweight little Sony. Solitude in the mountains definitely means taking the Olympus and lenses.

I have to admit that tiredness has been catching me out in the evening recently and I apologise for not commenting regularly on your journals. Those of you who work, or have a demanding family, I just don’t know how you do that and blip daily! I certainly don’t know how the “Blip Masters”, and their assistants, manage to keep this wonderfully positive, supportive, and beautiful site going. I just need to turn back the pages of my journal to answer the question, “Where did those 9 years go?” I am glad to have that record. Thank you to the whole community for your unfailing good natured comments, encouragement, and friendship over nine years.

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