By Diarised

His cup runneth over

Thanks all for the congratulations on Ian’s job.

There was no sparing the cream and marshmallows on Leo’s hot chocolate. We had a nice breakfast out at Fordmore Farm before the place got busy - it was just us there for most of it. 

I enjoyed the freedom of sitting outside without mad hair blowing all over. Since my chop, the wind can barely raise a ruffle now - just how I like it!

After tucking in, we did our usual tour of the animals. The pigs (extra) were particularly entertaining as they galloped over together to greet us - would love to say they responded to our calls of ‘piggies, oink, oink’ but I reckon they thought we were there to feed them!

The goats refused to come anyway near us, but did sprint towards Ian when he joined us after a visit to the farmshop. I think the teacakes he had purchased in the shop enticed them to be sociable. They must have a great sense of smell as he didn’t baaaa madly at them like we did - just strolled by with his bag of baked goodies and he was irresistible.

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