Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Stri-i-i-i-ike TWO!

I dodged the earlier drops en route to Tomatoville (Greenhouse) I spotted this at the edge of the lawn.
We never bought any Cowslips, (Primula veris) at any time; and yet they mysteriously appeared some years ago, on "The heap".
Last year I decided, for two reasons, to only cut the grass once per year and see what developed by way of wild flowers.
The second, more lazy reason was to reduce the amount of work.  I once heard that, measured over the entire year, one spends more time keeping a lawn than growing veggies.
Early last/this year I noticed some Snowdrops a foot or three into the lawn and NOT planted there by me.
I spotted this a goodly 10 yards/metres away from The Heap. BTW it has run to seed somewhat since the '09 photo-link.
Squeaking of drop-dodging, the Rain-gauge has collected that between my drop-dodging at about 10-10:30 and shooting the Cowslip, just now at about 17:45.

I can NOT remember when we last had rain - BUT - on our last wander Jerra and I saw some Polypoddy ferns high on a tree branch and shriveled by drought.

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