Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

6 hour working day!

Just like the official policy of the Left party says! And we had a proper break with water and sandwiches too. I was planning to get the flower bed sorted today but decided the steps were more important and would feel more like an achievement at the end of the day. This worked! 

I feel quite pleased with my efforts which included some serious remaking of the universe, digging out a lot of soil to make actual steps for example. I also thought I'd tidy up around the pretty disgusting (but they are green so they can stay) triffid-like plants on either side of the path. I struck gold on the right hand side, in the form of a lot more bedrock to strip bare of mossy tangle. It goes so easily, just peel back and throw in Keith's direction. He was burying garden refuse and needed to beautify it afterwards with a layer of something things will grow on. With the vast number of grassy sods and roots galore I think there will be continued growth!

This sort of job really does take ages, but slowly and surely it progresses. I'm sure there are other areas in the garden that need my attention (there always are) but this is a thoroughly neglected corner so it feels good to give it some concentrated TLC. It struck me once the chippings were scattered over the stones and the cracks were filled up, that it matches the grey rocks very well and looks like a waterfall.

So, I dug, de-weeded, levelled off and removed all stones. Then a layer of weed-stopping black cloth on which I arranged rocks as best I could - and a few paving slabs. Then the gravel to fix things in place and fill the cracks. I took a wire brush to the stones and the grey came up well, they had been underground for a while and were a gloomy brown colour before the wire-brushing. The rain will do the rest of the work, along with the sunshine.

I drew the contents of the "end of the table" this morning, I've put it in as an extra. It is a lot faster than doing detailed patterns - under an hour and you're done! The weather is just perfect for outdoor working so the drawing-time is shrinking accordingly. So wonderful to be in the fresh air, to be active and to have meaningful work to do! I'm rushing to comment these days, sorry for the lack of attention, but the digging is winning!

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