By dfb24

Cheap Shot...

I bought a couple more of the fiery hot columns of bird seed, so hung one up this morning. The house finches were the first ones on it. I had to laugh as the male (who is in the air in this shot) was eating when the Mrs. flew in and pushed him out of the way, so off he flew to a branch in the tree which is quite close to the feeder. He waited patiently for all of about a few seconds, then flew back, landed, and attempted to eat, but was again chased away by the Mrs.  I was taking a photo of the Mrs. & just happened to catch him on the way in.....where he landed so that he knocked her sideways and began to eat..........a cheap shot, for sure, but turnabout is fair play. :)  Thanks to Laurie54 for hosting MonoMondays this month.  (And you may notice that I have a new avatar. Mae was drawing with chalk on the driveway yesterday and I was sitting on a little stool watching her. She asked me to turn toward her so that she could draw my picture. I was holding a bottle of water in my right hand, so she drew that too, although it sort of blends in with my pink shirt. She asked if it was okay if she drew me as if I were standing up, as it was too hard to draw me sitting down.......sure. Was it okay if my shoes were light blue, as she didn't have brown chalk.......sure.  All-in-all, it's a pretty accurate depiction--even if you didn't know me you'd recognize me right away after seeing this! I loved it. LOL.)

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