Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Soak Away

At 8am I was lying cosily in bed thinking I could have more of a snooze, when I heard some unfamiliar noises outside. What could that be? Damn, I bet the builder is here. Rushed to get dressed then went down to check his plan. It turned out we both needed to help with taking away bags of soil, providing buckets of water to wash the stones and emptying them. It is a good job to have done, but I am truly worn out now.

The soil that was dug out was great quality. About 15 years of silt, sand, leaves, etc, all nicely composted together. We took some bags for our community garden to use and kept some for our own garden.

Extra shot, part way through the job when rain and hail shower forced a break in the work.

Voting tomorrow for Welsh Senedd. I wonder if it will really make any difference.

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