By randomgirl


I really got caught in a bad hail storm this afternoon. Moments before it had been quite sunny, if cold.

My dog didn't seem that bothered, but I tried to take shelter (in vain) under a tree for a while. Eventually I realised it wasn't going to stop anytime soon, so I carried on along the path, trying to hurry so I could get to the shelter of the wood quicker. Don't know whether it was the slippy path caused by all the hailstones that had settled like snow, or just a root that tripped me up.... anyway, I fell over quite dramatically and ended up quite muddy and soggy (though luckily not too hurt!)

I took a few photos as I was quite amazed by how wintry the hail had made things look. The main photo is of the path through masses of wild garlic. I also liked the murky look of the hailstorm clouds stretching into the distance across the fields.

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