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By HarlingDarling

I wasn't going to dig at all...

... but of course I did. There were some grassy humps that just had to be picked out, prised out more like. And there were some dead mossy carpets to rolloff the rocks too, another big barrowload of debris to cart off into the forest. how handy it is to live next to a forest with lots of deep depressions.

The weather continues cold, and in fact it snowed several times today, but not much when I was doing my 3 hour shift. I was well wrapped up and consequently had to remove clothing once I got moving. It's most unseasonal for May. A short working day today as we had a date in town in the evening, with Rose. She runs a lovely "restaurant" and we always have such a lot to talk about. We've known each other since 1985 and it just gets more interesting all the time. She is a good cook and we always enjoy her food, we supply the wine, this time a glorious red from Alentejo of which I took only a few sips. The designated drinker was the man himself, looking very swish with his hair cut this very morning in the kitchen salon.

The blip shows the main work of the session, which was covering the stomped ground with weed-repelling cloth. Neatly cut to accommodate the bedrock and boulders too big to even think about moving. I held it all down with rocks and bricks but they aren't part of the plan. I'm not really sure what the plan is actually, but have placed flat paving slabs or rocks in a way that means you can walk on them with ease. That's a sort of plan. I was having visions of solar powered lights yesterday, ran it past Keith and he looked a bit horrified. However, he is coming round. I think it might work.

He was rather shocked at the idea of pots with flowers in them, but he is a delicate soul and easily shaken it seems. We bought a box of pansies which I will plant outside our front door, I'm getting fed up of this cold weather with no flowers to speak of! I think herbs will be planted in the project, perhaps tomorrow. I have mint and oregano all over the place and the insects love them when they bloom, so I can just transplant some and make the bees and butterflies happy.

I'm reading the follow up to Raynor Winn's The Salt Path, which annoyed me with all the whining and grumbling about hardships when wild camping. I'm being mean, some people loved the book! The second book is much more to my liking so far, The Wild Silence is less gloomy. Mind you, with a husband struggling with an incurable brain condition she has every right to be downhearted. Her deep connection to the natural world is a strong theme on every page, which I can certainly empathise with. Here is an article about the books.

Downhearted is how I feel about the Labour losses in the elections today - a huge change is needed if Labour can't win more support when the current government is full of politicians feathering their own nests and helping their friends to the common resources and making a world-beating hash of protecting citizens in a pandemic. It should be shooting into an open goal. My brother retained his council seat with a massive majority so that's positive, I expected as much but then who would have thought Hartlepool would return a Conservative MP? You never know.

We drove home just after 10, the sky bright as midday in December. We can still see stars a bit later on, but soon they will disappear and the white nights will be here. So lovely! I wanted to write this blip and post it before bed, but I'll look at your blips in the morning. The social whirl of one date a week has done for me!!

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