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By Sallymair

Still giving

This is one of my hellebore which I first blipped on the 3rd of February. The petals, which were white, have turned green and this wonderful crown, of presumably seeds, has appeared in the middle of each. Quite beautiful and so different to what was there originally.
Rogation Sunday today so we started our service in our very productive church garden, blessing the fields so to speak, see extra. It's not always appropriate in a town parish but makes sense here.
I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies in preparation for the girls having a sleep over tonight. Not having had a relationship with my own grandparents, (I only saw them for a couple of days each summer and that was it, as they lived in North Wales and Liverpool) I just love having such a wonderful relationship with these two. They run in and out of here so completely at home and barely remember to say goodbye to whichever parent drops them off.
Keep safe and well everybody, soon we'll be able to visit in doors, and, whisper it, have a hug too!

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