By Ingleman

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Plant sale at the Moat Project where I volunteer and what a day it was. Very, very windy, sunny spells and lots of rain. I was working for most of the day and we have been very busy, which is excellent for the charity as this day is a big draw for locals who are stocking up on their garden planting for now and later in the year. And a good fund raiser as business has been brisk. I was barrow man today, helping customers to their cars with their purchases and returning the barrows for the next customer to use. Nearly 11000 steps as a result. Which helps with my walking challenge target and helps with my sleep patterns because I am knackered! At the end of the day I had some time for photography and the weather was kind. But you will see the gusty wind in the birches in the background. Very blowy but hugely satisfying day.

Many thanks again for all kind comments and stars yesterday. Very grateful!

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