By mollyblobs

Iris reticulata

This must be one of the most dismal and dreary Mother's Days that I can remember. After a delicious breakfast of Portobello mushrooms and poached egg, Pete and I took Rosie out to Ferry Meadows, but for the third day in a row I didn't bother to take a camera - and didn't regret it! I was wearing my parka, a scarf, hat and gloves and I was still cold - the vicious north wind biting through all clothing. Occasionally there was even a flurry of snowflakes.

After lunch I finally had time to open the parcel that came earlier in the week - a new Canon 6D! I thought long and hard about whether to buy this or the 5DMk3, but a combination of size, weight and price made me plump for this one. It's not too different to my old camera and I've already worked out most of the controls. It's just a shame there was nothing much to photograph today. I also have to upgrade to Lightroom 4, as my current version of Lightroom can't process the RAW files - today I got round this by using the iPad.

I'm posting early tonight, as Pete, Alex and Ben are cooking me a low-calorie Thai meal and it's already smelling delicious. My stomach's rumbling and my mouth is watering - it's so tantalising! I'll report back on the meal tomorrow...

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