By TonyG

Making The News

ITV Wales News at 6pm to be precise.   Available throughout the rest of the UK on Freeview.

I was just an observer from the bridge as Meg had her longest walk since her op.   Certainly not long enough as far as she was concerned but 5 minutes from home is plenty for now while the stitches heal.   Later I headed off to Dolgellau and the dentist again.   A full check up and a plan to attempt a repair on the broken tooth, fix two other fillings and I can look forward to the exquisite pleasure (NOT) that is descaling.   All needs to be done.  At least two more appointments.

Plenty of the showers that refused to fall in April.  The TV crew timed it well given that the train left in a downpour.   Another, beefier one accompanied my hour of cleaning this evening.   The farmers and gardeners need it but please can we have a bit of warmth soon!

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