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A day

Actually today was more than simply "a day", but my pal Di and I were discussing mornings today and agreeing that the view out of the window this rather nondescript morning set the scene for a mere day, rather than anything special. Opening the curtains was, for me at least, a prelude to my going for the messages, and I was out there just after 8am to evade the wandering and the merely wandered and emerge unscathed. I gave the snaky eye look at a man - predictably, about my own age - wearing his mask round his chin, and was gratified to look back and note that he'd put it up round his face again; I cast another unloving look on another man, behind me at the checkout, who preferred to glare at me till I went back to push my last items onto the conveyor belt and then pointedly slam down the "next customer" bar and start unloading his stuff. A woman would have used the bar to push the two offending items along - but there you go. They're imperfect creatures, men ...

Spent some time reading about yesterday's mass action in Glasgow to prevent  the Home Office van removing two men who've lived and worked in the city for the past ten years - saw a video on Twitter which showed a much larger crowd than the BBC news had, all shouting "They're our neighbours: Let them go!". It made my heart swell; that's my city!

Celebrated the relaxation of rules ( not the most recent) by meeting pal and her man for a walk up a glen we've not visited for several years, Gairletter Glen. They've cut down a great deal of the forest there, opening up the view, although the view in this blip was always there - up Loch Long past the floating repair dock for the nuclear submarines and through the narrows to the distant hills. There were bluebells, green moss, red sphagnum moss, new leaves, catkins and a cuckoo, and we had quite a strenuous walk and no: I didn't fall over.

And then we had curry. A day, but a good day.

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