Back garden from the street

I wish that I had thought of doing this earlier - photographing our back garden from the street over our big wall (as seen in my 'Flat earth society' shot of 10th April 2021). I did so this morning, standing on my small step ladder. A section of our upstairs neighbours' lawn can be seen to the right of the picture. Here's hoping that ours will look as lush as this soon.

I spent a lot of time outdoors today, mainly pottering around the area blipped here. It rained a little this afternoon, but I didn't care. The main tasks were to install a bug house (a present from my middle sister), and to plant out various bulbs and tubers.

Also today, I exercised, rang Mummy hazelh (as I do every day), watched a bit of the FA cup final, and enjoyed homemade pizza for my supper.

Exercise today: gardening; strength training.

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