Dwarf Daffs

Another busy day today. After breakfast it was on the phone to my insurer, their quote for next year had gone up rather a lot more than inflation and a quick check on CompareTheSuperMeerkcat.com suggested they were about £50 over the top on the comparable companies. When I tried like-for-like on their own web site it came out £90 less than the quote they posted my automatically. On the phone they said there was a special on buildings and contents at the same time and a deal on the web which would explain the discount, they were also rational and agreed to compare the original and web quote to check that they were like for like - which they were and take the sell me the web quote over the phone without making me complete the process on line.

After putting the laundry up to dry we then went to check out the orchard, the community one was looking okay and our smaller one was also fine. We checked to make sure the deer fencing was okay to make sure the blighters don't eat the trees and complete some pruning while it's still cold and the apple-trees are asleep. On our way back I captured these dwarf daffs that were on the edge of the orchard.

After a quick late lunch it was onto the ironing, while watching some SciFi on TV. Annoyingly it was the same episodes as last week so not very practical.

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