By Charente

Dun-bar - Cosmia trapezina (I think!)

I brought in some Rosemary to put under the pork to cook tonight and washing it, this little fellow fell out into the sink.  I fished him out and put him on a paper towel to dry where it curled up tightly.  I then took it out and it immediately uncurled and went walkabout - a happy little chap that soon vanished.

It has been a pretty wet day with another 15mm of rain measured this morning first thing.  I have been playing with Calibre book library and a card that Bootneck kindly sent me.  This took up a few rainy hours looking through what was there.   A trip down the garden to check the greenhouse plants and that was about as far as I went today.

Dinner tonight was roast pork slow-cooked with spices, roast garlic potatoes and roasted cauli, parsnip and carrots.  All weighed and counted and just inside the allowed calories!  This calorie lark is a real-time waster but if it cheers Mr C up, and he loses a bit of weight, then I will keep at it.    Pork leftovers for tomorrow with a change of veg.

I do not follow football but we did watch the FA cup (or most of it) this afternoon.  A very emotional win and I was delighted for Leicester City and its young owner who had taken over after his father was killed in a helicopter crash.

Thanks for the visit and I hope that you are having a good weekend.

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