Mostly Uninspired

Today was, once again. spent in the garden. The day was grey, damp, and cold, misty until lunchtime, and misty again by tea-time!
I started a "small" job, digging up some comfrey growing in the wrong place, and it rapidly escalated into a huge job. By the time I finished work the the job was only half done, and I'd removed 4 buckets of thick comfrey roots into our hole in the forest.  This job will continue!
On a more positive note there was a big patch of nettles that I was also removing, and inspired by several blippers I clipped the 15 cm high nettles down and into a plastic bag before I attacked the roots.  Later I ate cooked and ate the nettles like one does spinach. It was the first time I'd cooked with nettles, but we have plenty more if I manage to progress on to nettle soup and nettle bread!
My dug over patch of earth was not going to make an interesting picture so I looked around and found this rhubarb daffodil patch that Jan worked on a few days ago.
There is a lot of wildness in most of our garden!

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