By Missycat

Day 420 Tulips again

Today proved to be rather a wet one so I didn't manage to get out for my walk.  I didn't really mind as I've been feeling a bit ropey after my second AZ vaccine shot, a bit headachy and nauseous.  Still better that, than the alternative!
I had to cast around indoors for a subject for today's blip and decided that last week's tulips were drying nicely and still give good value when photographed.  I think that they do better than any other flower that I can think of when it comes to being photogenic from fresh to completely desiccated.
Day 420 means that it is now 60 weeks since I began to count the days, commencing with the first day of the first lockdown in the UK.  I never thought I, or it, would go beyond a few weeks, but now...who knows.  If the plans for 21 June go ahead I may draw the counting of days to a conclusion then.

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