By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 138

It's been another quiet birthday at home, even quieter than last year's lockdown sixtieth, which saw me drinking bubbly on zoom as well as indulging in new slippers (which I've worn for eighteen hours a day ever since!). Today I have been gently spoiled - P cooked delicious savoury scones for breakfast as well as his special miso noodle soup (full of shiitake mushrooms, tofu, arame and red pepper) for dinner; J and I made a chocolate cake generously if messily coated in thick, wicked white chocolate ganache; and a friend called at the door with a beautiful pebble pot she made for me early last year, just before she too embarked on what would become over a year of shielding. She sat outside for our first face to face conversation in over a year, and it was lovely to have her there. J started the day by instructing me to switch on her computer to locate the card she had prepared, and my brother sent a woodblock printed card he has made. He is relatively new to creating woodcuts, and I am impressed with his skill. Gifts and cards made with love are always the most special. Belgian chocolates and more time with my new books will be treats for the coming days.

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