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By HarlingDarling


Back on the deck, this time for lunch at a more traditional time, our second meal out there today. Keith had a dental appointment in town at 11. I started a little raking, ripping and carting away and when he returned after 2 I was still at it. I'd hung the washing up part way through, but otherwise I'd been doing the same sort of thing for hours. I get absorbed! There is now another clearer space between the deck and the top garden at Betty's, we aim to sort out a path there as well, it's been very tangled and slippery so the idea is to make it a more pleasant place to walk. 

There is now an area of dirt with a few things growing, rather than a wreckage of brambles, nettles and so on. I plan to spread some new earth, a load of (pretty) ancient flower seeds and then some more earth, and to see what happens! Sitting on the deck bring whole new areas of the land into sharp focus, this being one of them. Many a lupin met its match in this work.

When Keith came home he had a bag of Lidl croissants in his hand - what a lovely treat! We made a pot of tea and enjoyed the bounty that is ours, in the form of toothsome tastes and lovely views. I hope you enjoyed the Woodbridge mug, the Japanese style sun never setting on the town! And then we somehow went back to work. I was planning to do something else, but despite changing out of my gardening gear, more gardening happened. It began small with the removal of weeds and grass by hand, and developed into digging up cornflowers that were blocking the light for the geums that I so want to encourage. I love their dark orange flowers. Everything useful that I dig up gets re-housed in a bare patch somewhere or other. Lupins are no longer useful in the quantities I have them.... it feels discriminatory.

We both attended a meeting of the officers of the Left party this evening, and I came away feeling that we have some very dedicated and persistent members who know so much. I learn a lot about how the local council is run, the sorts of things that are being done that never get talked about in general conversation. There is a high rate of unemployment in our town, partly due to us having taken in large groups of asylum seekers, and offering homes to new Swedish families who are settling down here. And partly as there are very few workplaces suitable for school-leavers. One department works entirely on job creation and employment schemes - the latest being a city farm.

At 10 I remembered we'd opened up the little greenhouse, so I went out and shut the flaps down. There is a half moon in the sky right now and although the sun went down at 21.55 today it will stay light for ages yet - and be back up again at 03.35. We have cardboard sheets in the bedroom windows, as well as black-out blinds. You have to "make night" in these parts! We didn't use to have the (admittedly not all that beautiful) cardboard, but have realised that it really makes a difference to the quality of sleep when it is really dark. The plants are having a brief snooze I suppose. I'm off to join them myself!

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