love light

By lrw

Dystopian Reality

I was on a longish bike ride to the Leslie Spit (Tommy Thompson Park) with another of my vintage cameras today. The spit is where a huge amount of city construction waste has been dumped over the years and with time it has become a bit of an environmental treasure. It is now home to vast numbers of migrating birds and a great deal of other wild life. I love the juxtaposition of the beauty one can find against the obvious history of this landscape.

The extra image shows one of the weirder scenes here, the cormorants flock here in huge numbers sitting in the trees they have effectively denuded, the sounds of all these birds is eerie, disturbing especially given how everything looks too. Could be a Hitchcock movie set!

My little Rolleiflex SL35 is a fun camera for carrying on a hike. I developed the film as soon as I got home I was so excited to see how dystopian the images turned out. I was delighted!

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