By Sunriser

Let’s get the duck out of here

Hardly anyone at the lake today and the poor little ducks had to go for a waddle in search of food. They were very camera shy.

The thing about living with chronic pain and other conditions means that sometimes activity/exercise is beneficial and sometimes it isn’t. Also you have no way of knowing whether what you’re about to do is going to cause more harm than good.

So I went for a walk. It was really tough but the pain started to ease after 15 mins. I’ve decided to focus on time more than distance. Did 30 minutes today and I won’t shame myself by telling the distance.

My right leg doesn’t work properly. It’s weak and walking is not easy, it was so difficult earlier. Took all my strength to do the walk.

I’ve had a horrendous week.

I got more than one “pity” look. I don’t need anyone’s pity, I need a walking stick.

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