Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand

Boston Tea Party

I'm spending the weekend in Salisbury with my husband. His work has brought him into the area and I thought that I'd come and visit him for the weekend. I got to Salisbury really early (as I couldn't bear sitting around my flat for long). So I got to Salisbury super early and just wandered around the beautiful town. I wanted to go to the cathedral but it's still closed (will be until next week). So I video called my dad and showed him the outside of Salisbury Cathedral. Maybe one day we'll come back and be able to explore this beautiful place properly.

Whilst I was waiting for Andy, I sat in the outside seating area of the Boston Tea Party. It's a cafe that only serves their hot drinks in reusable cups, which I love. We need more places that only allow reusable cups rather than single-use disposable ones.

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