Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

View From My bed..

Looking north on Montlake, you can see the north stands of the football stadium and the athletic building ,  not bad.  And then you can see part of the jumble of wires I was connected to.. now down to one,! ( O 2)   Saw a plethora of people coming thru the door today .. the ortho organizer, the anesthesiologist ( I gave him excellent marks) the medical doc who’s trying to make sure the heart is ok after this ( I have AFib, and also 2 valves that leak.). But it does it’s job mostly.  The OT and the PT .( I got  out of bed and sat in that chair for more than an hour.   You can also probably pick out the walker that helped to do that.   Pretty exciting. ,  the doc taking out the epidural , Then H was here for awhile, and the. Ortho planner  for going home.   I’m afraid it’s not going to happen tomorrow.  Darn.    What a team they are!   I barely woke up for all the checks last nite and have decided that the Hepa air purifier fan is good white noise for sleeping....ALMOST like ocean waves. 
I haven’t seen that surgeon yet.

I really really appreciate all your lovely comments and an trying to check on your journals.... too hard for me to keep up with ,mine..  But I’ll answer questions... :-). 

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