My friend Katy sent me this pic of her new addition to the family. She was one of Breagha’s biggest fans since a pup as I worked with KTV and we had some adventures over the years. She also stayed with her and Will when we were at my brothers wedding for a couple of nights and was spoilt rotten. She always wanted her own golden girl and she decided wasn’t putting off any more time and has now got Minnie. I’ve been put on the list as No 1 Auntie for sleepovers etc in the future :D.

A cold wet day, we went to the Tufted Duck at Rait for the famous egg Mayo sarnies. Tim says he has been constantly busy since the re opening which is fab as it’s in the countryside between Errol and Perth and we love it.

Cameron has a result of his Nat 5 history in. 92%. (Clapping).

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